Welcome to March 2022 Data DNA – Dataset Challenge!

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Challenge Winner

This month’s winner is: Stephanie French

Win a $200 Amazon Voucher from our sponsors Astrato & Vera Solutions and 2 data books from our sponsors Packt!

A winning entry will be chosen based on best visualization and successfully following the entry rules – winning a $200 Amazon voucher code courtesy of Astrato & Vera Solutions and 2 data books from our sponsors Packt!

The top 5 entries will also receive 2 data books from our sponsors Packt Plus, all entries submitted using Astrato will be entered into a special mini-competition. And the winning entry will receive an exclusive Astrato goodie bag!

We also now have amazing badges to be won!

How to submit your entry:

  • Follow Onyx Data on LinkedIn (it’s OK if you already follow Onyx Data)​
  • Share a LinkedIn post on your profile that contains both a direct @ mention to @Onyx Data, @Astrato Analytics and the hashtag #dataDNA
  • In your post, share an image of your visualization or dashboard (remember, it must be a single image)
  • Tag, mention, and invite 5 connections to view your post or play along (optional)

How to Create an Astrato Entry:

  • Sign up for free at https://astrato.io/
  • Watch this short demo of Astrato in Action
  • Connect the data by downloading it and pasting into google sheets using the google account you logged in with. The sheet will appear as a source when you create a new google sheets data source from the data tab.
  • If you run into any issues, reach out to our support team using the chat icon at the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Pi Day Pie Data Dataset

  • This month we are celebrating Pi Day (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi_Day) by analyzing a fictional bakery’s pie data!
  • Help Pie Bakery to improve their business by gathering insights from the last two years of pie sales!

Astrato in Action

Column NameDescriptionData Type
Order NOOrder number of Pie Bakery ordersString
Order DateDate order was placedDate
Month/YrMonth & Year abbreviation of the Date of orderDate
Day of WeekDay of the week the order was placedString
Pie FlavorThe flavor of the pie(s) orderedString
QuantityQuantity of pies orderedInteger
CostTotal cost of pies orderedFloat
Slice Or Whole PieSlice or Whole Pie orderedString
Pre-Order/In-Store PurchaseDenotes if the order was made in store or pre-orderedString
Organic?Organic if the pie filling ingredients were certified organicString

Data DNA – Dataset Challenge March 2022

Welcome to the Onyx Data March 2022 Data DNA – Dataset Challenge!

This month we will be visualizing the Pi Day Pie Data Dataset!