The DataDNA dataset archive is a collection of datasets previously provided by Onyx Data for the DataDNA dataset challenges. The datasets can be downloaded from this page by selecting the dataset that you would like to download.

June 2024

Marketing Campaign Dataset

May 2024

Technical Support Dataset

April 2024

TMDB Movies dataset

March 2024

eBay Used Car Sales dataset

February 2024

Electronic Product Data Ratings dataset

January 2024

Udemy Courses Dataset

December 2023

Christmas Sales and Trends dataset

November 2023

Top YouTubers dataset

October 2023

Spotify Most Streamed Dataset

September 2023

Shark Tank US Dataset

August 2023

Car Insurance Dataset

July 2023

Hotel Bookings Dataset

June 2023

Ocean Clean Up Dataset

May 2022

Noble Peace Prize Dataset

April 2022

F1 Dataset

March 2022

Pi(e) Day Dataset

February 2022

USA International Travel dataset

January 2022

Friends TV Series Dataset

January 2021

Amazon Top 50 Bestselling Books 2009 - 2019 Dataset

February 2021

UFO Sightings Dataset

March 2021

Forestry Planting Spaces Dataset

April 2021

Netflix Movies and TV Shows Dataset

May 2021

Disney Movies Dataset

June 2021

Covid-19 Dataset

July 2021

Spotify Dataset

August 2021

Ecommerce Business Dataset

September 2021

Fast Food Restaurants Dataset

October 2021

Marvel Vs DC Dataset

November 2021

NYPD Arrest Dataset

December 2021

Christmas Song Billboard Dataset