Onyx Data DataDNA Challenge

DataDNA Dataset Challenge 2021 - December

Welcome to Onyx Data DataDNA – Dataset Challenge!

Data DNA is your monthly learning and development appointment with yourself and hundreds of passionate data people. For free!

Join us every month to work with a given data set and create better, more effective data visualizations, analysis and help us make information more accessible.

The Data DNA community comes together every month from around the globe and we would love for YOU to become part of it, too.

Win £50 Amazon Voucher and 2 data eBooks from Packt!

A winning entry will be chosen based on best visualization and successfully following the entry rules – winning a £50 Amazon voucher code and 2 data eBooks from Packt!
The top 5 entries will also receive 2 data eBooks from our sponsors Packt!

How to submit your entry:

Data DNA - Dataset Challenge

Welcome to the Onyx Data – #dataDNA – Dataset Challenge!

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