Power BI Deployment & Governance: 5-Day Assessment

5 Day Assessment to determine how to successfully deploy self-service Power BI across the enterprise.

The Situation

Power BI is a powerful tool that is transforming the way businesses interact and work with the valuable data assets they own. However, organisations are struggling to harness the benefits it can bring by not adequately preparing for or supporting business users with the required level of help.


To ensure a successful deployment and deliver high levels of value from your investment, Onyx Data provides a clear and detailed assessment of your current capability against the roles, skills and processes required to deliver Power BI at scale in a maintainable and performant manner, ensuring strong engagement at all levels of your organisation.

This assessment will look at the following:

  • A methodology for building a BI centre of excellence which can house the required capabilities to develop a data-driven culture.
  • View adoption details (total report users and viewers over time).
  • Access refresh history, workspace-level governance, and data sources across reports
  • A methodology for developing solutions which follow the Power BI product lifecycle (PoV -> Pilot -> Production) to ensure they perform at scale and drive appropriate business adoption.
  • Classification of key individuals into groups with defined roles and responsibilities and an understanding of the training options for each.
  • An approach with recommendations for migrating existing reports to Power BI where appropriate.
  • Recommendations for the use of a modern data architecture and/or enterprise functionality available in Power BI (such as Dataflows, Power BI Premium, Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) etc.) to help drive more sustainable and performant solutions.
  • A proposal detailing a model of engagement with Onyx Data for on-going development, support and training.