Power BI Dashboard in a Day Course

Unlock the full potential of Power BI with our one-day, hands-on workshop designed for business analysts. From novice to dashboard builder in just a day, this comprehensive training covers the entire spectrum of Power BI capabilities. Learn how to effortlessly load, prepare, and transform data, create captivating visualisations, craft insightful reports, and seamlessly share them with your users. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a Power BI expert and revolutionise your data analysis workflow. Enroll today and start building impactful dashboards that drive informed decision-making.

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Key Highlights

24 Hrs Instructor Led Training MVP and MCT Instructor Led Training
24 Hrs Instructor Led Training Self-paced Delivery
24 Hrs Instructor Led Training Hands-on Project & Exercises
24 Hrs Instructor Led Training Completion Certification
24 Hrs Instructor Led Training Job Assistance
24 Hrs Instructor Led Training Flexible Schedule
24 Hrs Instructor Led Training Learning Development Plan
24 Hrs Instructor Led Training Ongoing Support


A one-day, hands-on workshop for business analysts that covers the full capabilities of Power BI. The aim is to take users from having never used Power BI to having built their own dashboard by the end of the day. Covers how to load, prepare and transform data, building visualisations, creating a report and sharing it with users

The training can be broken down across multiple dates to ensure flexibility and availability of your team.

Onsite training can be arranged but may incur some additional travel costs.

Career Transition

Average Salary Hike 55% Average Salary Hike
Average Salary Hike £67,000 Highest Salary
Average Salary Hike 12000+ Career Transitions
Average Salary Hike 300+ Hiring Partners

Who can apply for this Power BI Training ?


Business Analysts: Business analysts who want to enhance their data analysis and reporting skills should apply for this training. By learning the full capabilities of Power BI in a one-day hands-on workshop, they can quickly go from being beginners to building their own interactive dashboards. This training will equip them with the skills to load, prepare, and transform data, create visualisations, build reports, and share insights with stakeholders.


Data Analysts: Data analysts who are looking to expand their toolkit and incorporate Power BI into their data analysis workflows should consider applying for this training. This workshop will provide them with a comprehensive understanding of Power BI's capabilities, allowing them to efficiently load, transform, and analyse data. They will learn how to create visually appealing and insightful dashboards and reports that can be easily shared with colleagues and clients.


Business Intelligence (BI) Teams: Teams dedicated to business intelligence and data analysis within an organisation can greatly benefit from this training. By mastering Power BI's functionalities in a single day, they can accelerate their ability to deliver impactful visualisations and reports. This training covers the end-to-end process, including data loading, preparation, visualisation, and report sharing, enabling BI teams to create cohesive and interactive dashboards that drive data-informed decision-making across the organisation.


Skills Covered

Connecting to data
Transforming data
Creating a data model
Working with DAX
Visualising data
Power BI cloud
Building line graphs, bar charts, and dashboards

Course Fees

Online Classroom


Self-Paced Learning


One to one doubt resolution sessions


Hands-on exercises and labs


On-going Support

Online £349 £249 per person

28.65% OFF introductory offer

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Completion Certification

Yes, upon successfully completing the training, you will receive a completion certificate. It serves as evidence of your participation and acquisition of the skills taught in the course.

Once you have completed the training, the certification process typically involves submitting your course assignments or passing an assessment. The specific requirements for obtaining the certificate will be communicated to you by the training provider.

The recognition of the completion certificate may vary depending on the training provider and the industry.

Absolutely! The completion certificate is a valuable addition to your resume or professional profile, highlighting your commitment to professional development and acquisition of specific skills. It can demonstrate your expertise to potential employers or clients.

Completion certificates generally do not have an expiration date. However, the relevance and value of the skills acquired through the training may evolve over time due to technological advancements or changes in industry practices. Continuous learning and staying updated are important for maintaining the value of your certification.


This training workshop is specifically designed for business analysts who have little to no experience with Power BI but want to learn its full capabilities. It is also suitable for professionals who want to build their own dashboards and enhance their data analysis and reporting skills.

The training workshop is a one-day session, allowing participants to quickly gain proficiency in Power BI and build their own dashboard by the end of the day.

Yes, the training workshop is available in both online and onsite formats. Participants can choose the option that suits them best.

The training workshop covers the full capabilities of Power BI, including loading, preparing, and transforming data. Participants will also learn about building visualisations, creating reports, and sharing insights with users.

No prior experience with Power BI is required. This workshop is designed for beginners who have never used Power BI before. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the tool and takes participants from the basics to building their own dashboard within a day.

Yes, the workshop is hands-on, allowing participants to actively engage with Power BI and apply their learning in real-time. They will have the opportunity to practice loading data, creating visualizations, and building reports.

Yes, participants will need a laptop or computer with Power BI Desktop installed. The trainer will provide guidance on how to set up and prepare the software prior to the workshop.

Yes, participants will receive training materials that include step-by-step guides, sample datasets, and exercises. These materials will support their learning during the workshop and serve as a reference for future use.

Yes, participants who successfully complete the training workshop will receive a certificate of completion, recognising their participation and newly acquired skills in Power BI.

Yes, participants may have access to post-training support, such as additional resources or a community forum, to ask questions and seek further guidance after the workshop.

To sign up for the training workshop, please visit our website or contact our support team for registration details.

Yes, there may be a limit to the number of participants in each training session to ensure a productive and interactive learning environment. It is recommended to register early to secure your spot.

Yes, we offer customised training options for organisations based on their specific requirements. Please contact our sales team to discuss your organisation's training needs.

While the focus of the workshop is hands-on learning, there may be opportunities for participants to network and engage with fellow attendees during breaks or dedicated networking sessions, depending on the format of the workshop (online or onsite).

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