Can you predict your future with data?
Onyx Data partners with organisations to improve their decision-making and resilience through the effective use of data. Together we can work to predict your company's future, so that you can make better decisions today.
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Data Management & Analytics Consultancy

We help clients manage their data effectively.

Onyx Data is a specialist Data Management and Analytics consultancy. We help businesses manage and unlock true value from their data. We’ve successfully delivered data management and BI projects providing valuable analytical expertise to our clients across the UK Finance, Property, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics Risk, Marketing and Operations sectors.


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Find out how our ETL, Data Modeling and warehousing can transform the way you see data.

Big Data

Big Data can help you provide real-time analysis of vast amounts of disparate data.

Data Visualisation

We can provide analytical insight and at a glance information with modern data visualisation.

Cloud Migration

Our bespoke cloud SaaS solutions can transform outdated applications within a cloud-based secure architecture.

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Today Data Analytics play a significant role in success of any business of any kind. The benefits of data analytics are endless: You get meaningful insights from data, key indicators for measuring the success of your business model and useful future predictors. However, as astonishing as it may sound, data analytics is quite technical and requires consultation from experts of the field. At Onyx Data, a UK Consultancy firm, we help you to pinpoint your problematic areas, focus on your strengths, cut down costs and so much more. Let’s discuss why should you hire a consultancy firm for data analytics projects.

  • Smart Work instead of Hard Work

  • Power BI will assist you in taking Informed Decisions

  • Better Customer and Niche Targeting

  • Mindful Spending and Cutting down unnecessary Costs

  • Helps you to Innovate your Business Processes

  • Guide your Marketing Strategies

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Case Studies

UK Property Market Intelligence

UK Property Market Intelligence

If you’re in the business of housing, whether as a provider or an investor, you need independent local-level information that you can rely on when making decisions. Housing Intelligence gives you instant online access to the vital local-level information and analysis you need – such as prices, average price change and affordability – fast and cost-effectively.

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