Power BI Adoption: 1-Day Assessment

Develop a strategy roadmap to migrate your system to Power BI.

Thinking about migrating to Power BI but not sure where to start? Sign on for our one-day Power BI engagement where we will help you develop a long-term strategy to migrate your reporting framework to Power BI. We hold a wealth of expertise in implementing business intelligence and analytics solutions. We will review the current state of your organisation’s reporting ecosystem to develop a clear understanding the reporting needs. Your Power BI roadmap will be tailored to your organisation’s needs and budget.


By the end of the engagement, you will have

  • An action plan to move your current reporting framework to Power BI
  • A roadmap with clear, actionable steps
  • A cost estimate for your Power BI migration


Before the assessment:
  • Collaborate with business analysts, business leaders, BI report creators, and database administrators within your organization to identify data needs
During the assessment:
  • Evaluate your data ecosystem’s high-level architecture
  • Evaluate your existing reporting ecosystem
  • Identify and outline the advantages of moving to Power BI
  • Identify quick-win opportunities
  • Formulate a long-term strategic roadmap
We will conduct the assessment and all meetings via Microsoft Teams or conference call unless an in-person meeting is feasible.