Welcome to April 2022 Data DNA – Dataset Challenge!

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How to submit your entry:

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  • Share a LinkedIn post on your profile that contains both a direct @ mention to @Onyx Data, @Astrato Analytics and the hashtag #dataDNA
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How to Create an Astrato Entry:

Want to try your hand at Astrato? The April Onyx DataDNA Challenge is the perfect dataset for fun, fast, and creative exploration!

This month, you’ll find the data available in the Astrato DemoData Connection. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Log in to Astrato
  • Click “Create Workbook” at the top right corner of your workspace.
  • On the next screen, select “New Data View”.
  • Select the Demodata Snowflake connection from the Data Source list. This will open the Data View Editor.
  • Select the F1 Results Table and begin to create your masterpiece!

Formula 1 (F1) Data Dataset

  • This month we are analyzing historic Formula 1 (F1) data!
  • Can you identify the dominating drivers and constructors of Formula 1 (F1)!

Credit Ergast

Data Dictionary

Column Name Column Name (Details)Data Type
resultIdID number Int, no null 
yearYear of eventInt, , no null 
roundRound of the event in YearInt, , no null 
Event nameEvent Name varchar(50), no null 
Event dateEvent dateDate : (dd mmm yyyy) 
circuit nameCircuit namevarchar(50), no null 
codeDriver CodeVarchar(3), null 
Driver’s forenameDriver’s forenamevarchar(250), no null 
Driver’s surnameDriver’s surnamevarchar(250), no null 
dobDriver’s Date of Birth Date : (dd mmm yyyy) 
Driver’s nationalityDriver’s nationalityvarchar(250)
Constructor nameConstructor namevarchar(250)
constructor’s nationalityconstructor’s nationalityvarchar(250)
Driver’s  numberDriver’s  numberInt, null
gridStarting Position on the GridInt, null
positionOrderpositionOrderInt, no  null
pointspointsInt, no  null
lapsCompleted LapsInt, no  null
timeCompletion Timetime (hh:mm:ss.ms…), no null 
millisecondsCompletion Time (in milliseconds)Int, null
fastestLapfastestLapInt, null
rankrankInt, null
fastestLapTimeFastest Lap Timetime (hh:mm:ss.ms…), no null 
fastestLapSpeedFastest Lap Speedfloat
statusRace Completion Statusvarchar(250), no null 

Data DNA – Dataset Challenge April 2022

Welcome to the Onyx Data April 2022 Data DNA – Dataset Challenge!

This month we will be visualizing the Formula 1 (F1) Data Dataset!

Please read the challenge terms and conditions before participating.