Microsoft Power BI UK User Group - The Fastest Way To Build Reports In Power BI With Gopal Krishnamurthy

Join our Microsoft Power BI – UK User Group for our webinar in association with Onyx Data ( This session we are excited to announce our host Leon Gordon will be introducing InfoRiver founder and CEO Gopal Krishnamurthy.

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Session Abstract

You are excited.

You love the ability to build Power BI reports with ease, without relying on your IT.
You love the way how you can visualize & analyze data.

• Your reports take several hours or days to build, and you miss the flexibility and power of Microsoft Excel to format, update and present your data.
• You have a beginners’ knowledge of DAX, and you wish you could do advanced DAX calculations with ease.
• You have a good grasp on data modelling, but you wish there are easier ways to incorporate report features without resorting to time-consuming data model workarounds.

Only that you do not have to wish anymore.

Inforiver provides the fastest way to build Power BI reports, using a lightweight & serverless architecture.

Trends In BI & Analytics Industry especially Low-Code/No-Code for Power BI

In this webinar, you will learn how Inforiver delivers the following with live demo of the following
• Deliver 10x productivity using a low-code / no-code experience
• Kick-off your reports using ready-to-use business templates
• Perform extensive formatting, layouts and presentation using a modern toolbar experience
• Insert rows/columns/measures using a visual formula engine
• Leverage 1-click in-cell visualizations
• Export to spreadsheet/pdf along with formatting
• Create new budget or forecast series in seconds with no-code allocations
Create dynamic what-if simulations and adjust your forecasts instantly
Comment and annotate on budgets, forecasts, plan or variance data points.
• Writeback your Power BI visual data with changes and comments seamlessly to database destinations, One-Drive, or Share-point
• Export or burst your variance reports to spreadsheet/pdf along with formatting

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