Microsoft, SpaceX, Starlink and Onyx Data Shine at Microsoft Build: Delivering Fast, Reliable Broadband at Sea with Microsoft Fabric and Copilot


We are thrilled to announce that Onyx Data has been featured in a customer success story created by Microsoft, showcased at Microsoft Build, their flagship event of the year. This significant exposure not only highlights our expertise but also underscores our commitment to delivering top-notch data analytics and AI consulting services using Microsoft products.


Microsoft Build: A Premier Event


Microsoft Build is a premier event that attracts developers and IT professionals from around the globe. Being featured at such a prestigious event is a testament to our innovative solutions and the impact we have on our clients’ success.


The Challenge:


Elcome’s customers required fast, reliable broadband connectivity to stay safe and keep their businesses running smoothly. The challenge was to boost broadband speed and significantly reduce latency.


Our Featured Project


Elcome, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, provides professional services to ensure safe and smooth operations at sea. With the need for real-time access to weather forecasts, shipping traffic reports, and other logistics, reliable broadband connectivity is crucial.

Working with Onyx Data, a Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program member, Elcome deployed Microsoft Fabric—including Real-Time Intelligence, real-time hub, and data activator features—along with Copilot.

Together, we built “Welcome,” an industry-first, ISP-grade monitoring and management platform that is scalable, flexible, and future-proof.

Remarkably, this development, which would have taken years with previous systems, was completed in just a few months.


Key Achievements:


  1. Reduced Data Latency: Elcome successfully reduced data latency from minutes to seconds, ensuring real-time data access and high-speed connectivity for their customers.
  2. Enhanced Data Management: The end-to-end cloud analytics capabilities of Microsoft Fabric allow Elcome to understand and act on high-volume, high-granularity events in real-time with fewer resources.
  3. Future-Proof Platform: The scalable and flexible platform ensures long-term sustainability and adaptability to future needs.
  4. Improved Focus on Innovation: With Azure providing security and performance, Elcome engineers can focus on customer satisfaction and program design without extensive data science training.

Customer Impact


Elcome’s new broadband platform, powered by Microsoft Fabric and Copilot, has made significant improvements in safety and connectivity for vessels and crews in the marine environment. This innovative solution has allowed Elcome to maintain its goal of being a technology pioneer in the industry.

Customer Testimonial


Jimmy Grewal, Managing Director of Elcome, shared his experience:

“We’ve been able to reduce the latency on the data we act on from minutes to seconds, all without increasing the number of people involved in providing support to our customers.”


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At Onyx Data, we are a team of passionate data and AI experts committed to making data accessible and understandable for everyone. Our partnership with Microsoft and our successful projects, like the one with Elcome, demonstrate our ability to deliver exceptional value and innovative solutions.


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