The DataDNA – Dataset Challenge


In today’s data-driven world, harnessing the power of information is more critical than ever before. Data analysis has become a linchpin for decision-making, enabling businesses and individuals alike to gain insights, solve real-world problems, and make informed choices. If you’re passionate about data analytics and visualisation, here’s an exciting opportunity for you: the DataDNA – Dataset Challenge.

Our Mission: Empowering the DataDNA Community

At its core, the DataDNA – Dataset Challenge aims to unite the fields of information design and data analytics, fostering a vibrant community of data enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a student eager to practice your skills, this challenge provides a platform for you to:

  1. Test Your Data Analysis Skills: Put your data analytical and visualisation competencies to the test by tackling real-world problems.
  2. Showcase Your Expertise: Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting, this challenge offers a chance to build an impressive portfolio.
  3. Learn Together: Join the DataDNA community and collaborate with like-minded individuals, sharing knowledge and experiences.
  4. Boost Data Visualisation Capabilities: Develop your data visualisation skills, a valuable asset in today’s data-driven job market.
  5. Highlight Data-Driven Decision Making: Demonstrate best practices in data-driven decision-making, a skill in high demand across industries.

Who Can Participate?

The DataDNA – Dataset Challenge is open to both professionals and non-professionals/students:


  • If you are an experienced individual or a team, this is your chance to shine. Showcase your data analytical and visualization skills to potential clients and employers, and earn professional recognition.


  • Are you a student or someone looking to build your data analytics and visualization skills? Use this opportunity to practice your skills and create an impressive portfolio.

Prize Fund Worth Over $2,000!

Participation in the DataDNA – Dataset Challenge comes with a chance to win fantastic prizes, including:

  1. $300 Amazon Vouchers
  2. 2 Data eBooks
  3. Additional Opportunities to Win with ZoomCharts and novyPro Challenges

Award Timeline:

  1. Accepting Entries: September 1 – September 22, 2023
  2. Deadline for All Entries: September 22, 2023
  3. Judging Period: September 23 – September 29, 2023
  4. Award Ceremony Online: September 30, 2023

Selection Criteria:

Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Visual Design: How well did you visualize the data?
  2. Analytical Skills: Your ability to define key indicators, find insights, and create calculations and metrics.
  3. Narration: Your use of data storytelling techniques to highlight problems and explain solutions.
  4. Tech Innovations: How you use interactive tools, advanced features, and innovative concepts in your work.

How to Submit Your Entry:

To participate in the DataDNA – Dataset Challenge, follow these steps:

  • Follow Onyx Data on LinkedIn (if you’re not already following).
  • Share a LinkedIn post on your profile with your visualization image and tag @OnyxData, @ZoomCharts, @Astrato Analytics, @novyPro, @DATAcated, @The AI Journal, and use the hashtag #dataDNA.
  • In your post, share a single image of your visualization or dashboard.
  • Complete the submission form provided.

For the ZoomCharts Mini Challenge for Power BI, follow these steps:

  1. Register for the ZoomCharts Mini Challenge and receive a Drill Down Visuals Developer License for Power BI.
  2. Create a Power BI report with at least 2 ZoomCharts Drill Down Visuals.
  3. Submit your entry through the provided link.
  4. Follow ZoomCharts on LinkedIn.
  5. Share a LinkedIn post on your profile that includes @ZoomCharts, @OnyxData, and the hashtags #dataDNA and #builtwithzoomcharts.

Judging Criteria for Power BI Reports:

The judging criteria for Power BI reports include:

  1. How easy it is to understand the data.
  2. How user-friendly the report is.
  3. The quality of the report design and its suitability for its purpose.

Resources for Your Journey:

To help you on your data visualization quest, here are some useful resources:

  1. Use-Case Gallery: Explore live demos and download reports created by the ZoomCharts team.
  2. Video Tutorials: Watch engaging video guides on setting up and using visuals.
  3. Documentation: Dive deep into technical details about ZoomCharts visuals.
  4. ZoomCharts Blog: Discover useful tips and tricks for data visualization and report creation.
  5. Visuals Gallery: Explore customization options for Drill Down Visuals.


The creator of the best report will receive a $300 Amazon Voucher from ZoomCharts.

How to Enter NovyPro Mini Challenge:

For the NovyPro Mini Challenge, follow these steps:

  1. Submit the link to your submission on LinkedIn (e.g.,—dec-2022).
  2. Tag novyPro and Onyx Data in your post (

NovyPro Mini Challenge Judging Criteria:

Your NovyPro Mini Challenge submission will be judged based on:

  1. The design of the cover photo.
  2. The data story flow of the report.
  3. The interactivity of all visuals (visuals should interact with each other).
  4. The overview and description of the dashboard within your novyPro Project submission.

Now that you’re armed with all the information you need, don’t miss this opportunity to unleash your data analysis skills and be part of the DataDNA community. Participate in the Data DNA – Dataset Challenge and take your data visualization journey to new heights!


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Data DNA – Dataset Challenge