Lockdown 3.0 Protection With Power BI - Object-level Security

The UK government have taken the decision to enter into Tier 5. Yesterday evening saw the announcement in the UK of Covid-19 Lockdown 3.0. This decision was taken with a view to continuing to protect our NHS and also millions of vulnerable people. 

The news of this decision is a shock and has had an impact on many lives. In an attempt to remain optimistic I wanted to use it as an opportunity to look to the future and how we apply similar protection within Power BI. 

To do this I fast forwarded to the forthcoming February release of Power BI. Within the imminent release, is a feature that will enhance the protectection of sensitive business data within Power BI.

Power BI Object-level Security

Introducing the highly anticipated Object-level security (OLS) feature (preview). The purpose of Object-level security is to restrict access to sensitive tables and columns. Sensitive data includes personally identifiable information (PII). In addition to the data in the secured tables/columns, the metadata is also secured to help prevent a malicious user from discovering that such an object exists. 

Object-level security comes as part of the huge strides forward that the MSFT team have made over the past year. Developing Power BI into a true flagship enterprise level Analysis Services replacement.

To find out more around future Power BI releases and Object-level security in general you can view the Power BI release plan below. 

Link => https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform-release-plan/2020wave2/power-bi/object-level-security

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