Microsoft Power BI UK User Group - Worlds Fastest DAX - Using Quick DAX Templates with Mike Carlo

Join our Microsoft Power BI – UK User Group for our webinar in association with Onyx Data ( This session we are excited to announce our host Leon Gordon will be introducing Microsoft MVP Mike Carlo.


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Session Abstract


DAX is easy to Learn but hard to master.

This session is all about using the Growing Community Driven Library of Quick DAX Templates. Learn how to find the templates and use them in your daily workflow to drastically speed up your Data Modeling Experience.

Session Covers the following topics:
1. Introduces the concept of Templatized DAX
2. Consuming a Quick DAX Template using Power BI External Tools
3. Discusses how to create your own templates and use them

Multiple Demos of working directly inside the tooling for consuming and creating Quick DAX Templates.




I’m very passionate about data and analytics. I’ve spent a massive amount of time learning Power BI. Through this learning process I felt that others may also be interested. Thus, I created a website, a knowledge repository for all things PowerBI, ( ). This site is uniquely set up for people to read and learn about data modeling and visualizations within Power BI.


@PowerBITips (blog) (company)


Links from the session:
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