Microsoft Power BI UK User Group - Key Elements of Actionable Reporting With Tine Ozimič

Join our Microsoft Power BI – UK User Group for our webinar in association with Onyx Data ( This session we are excited to announce our host Leon Gordon will be introducing Zebra BI’s Tine Ozimič.

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Session Abstract

You want your report to provide you with immediate insights. But that’s not always the case. In fact, unintuitive reports with confusing layouts will prove just the opposite. You and your team might even lose focus while digging through them and then put them aside. That’s why so many companies around the world are already looking to Actionable Reporting to help them improve their dashboards and data storytelling. Actionable Reporting happens when you implement reports that are well-structured, understandable, and actionable. Even more: they need to be appealing to use and easy to dig into. It all starts on your landing page with an informative scoreboard that tells you where your business is going. This means you should be able to learn on the fly which KPIs are performing well and which are not. You should just glance at the landing page and see the comparison to plan, forecast, or previous year, see what is driving your KPIs up or down, and make predictions. That’s what we’ll dive into during the next meetup from Zebra BI. You’ll learn: – How to create clear and consistent reports – How to collect key business drivers / KPIs on a special landing page – Elements of Actionable Reporting (advanced charts – variance analysis, small multiples, top N + others, grouped tables with variances. report page tooltips, financial reporting with formula editor, comments, and custom themes) – Hands-on practical examples in Power BI

After working at one of the biggest European mobile operators for almost a decade, Tine joined Zebra BI team to help develop the product that we use today.

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