Microsoft Power BI UK User Group Integrating Neo4j With Power BI With Bryant Avey our Microsoft Power BI – UK User Group for our webinar in association with Onyx Data ( This session we are excited to announce our host Leon Gordon will be introducing Bryant Avey.  Join the Microsoft Power BI UK – User Group on – Microsoft Community –… LinkedIn – MeetUp –…  This session will introduce you to the world of Graph Databases by using Neo4j to find hidden patterns in Stock Market Price History and then use Power BI to visualize and explore those patterns to gain insights. Bryant will walk you through Machine Learning algorithms he used to identify and generate hidden patterns. He will also teach you a new Power Query technique he developed to combine applied steps into a single query step allowing you to make reusable Template Queries with input variables.  Social media links/website: LinkedIn: Twitter: (@BryantAvey) Medium: Website:
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