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Test your data analysis skills, solve real-world problems, and showcase your expertise.



To unite information design and data analytics empowering you to learn together as a community, the DataDNA community

Boost data visualisation capabilities

Show best practices of data-driven decision making

Enable Career Opportunities

Who Can Participate ?



You are an experienced individual or team.

This is a chance to show your data analytical and visualisation competences for clients and employers, and earn professional recognition!



Practice your data analytics and visualisation skills and make a great portfolio!

Learn Together and Win BIG!

Prize Fund
1 $300 Amazon Vouchers + 2 Data eBooks!
2 Participate in ZoomCharts Mini Challenge and win additional $300 Amazon vouchers!
3 + More prizes to be won!

Award Timeline

  • 1

    Accepting entries

    Jun 1 – Jun 24, 2024

  • 2

    Jun 24, 2024

    Deadline for all entries to be submitted

  • 3

    Judge reviews the entries and select the winners

    Jun 25 – Jun 29, 2024

  • 4

    Jun 30 2024

    Award ceremony Online

Selection Criteria

Visual Design

Visual Design

How well did you visualise the data.

Visual Design

Analytical Skills

How you define key indicators, find insights, and define calculations and metrics.

Visual Design


Data storytelling techniques to highlight problems and explain solutions.

Visual Design

Tech Innovations

How you use interactive tools, advanced features, any innovative concepts.

Read the competition regulations


How to submit your entry

– Follow Onyx Data on LinkedIn (it’s Ok if you already follow Onyx Data)​.
– Share a LinkedIn post on your profile with your visualisation image and tag directly using @ mention to @OnyxData, @ZoomCharts, @Bletchley Park AI User Group, @Data Career Jumpstart and the hashtag #dataDNA.
– In your post, share an image of your visualisation or dashboard (remember, it must be a single image).
Complete this form Daily performance metrics were meticulously captured across various dimensions, including cities, channels, devices, and individual ads. These metrics encompassed Impressions, Click-Through Rate (CTR), Clicks, Daily Average Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Spend, Conversions, Total Conversion Value, Likes, Shares, and Comments. Contestants are tasked with creating a comprehensive report to analyse these metrics, providing insights into the effectiveness of each campaign and identifying opportunities for optimization.

How to Enter ZoomCharts Mini Challenge for Power BI:

1. Register for ZoomCharts Mini Challenge here and receive a Drill Down Visuals Developer License for Power BI.
2. Create a Power BI report including at least 2 ZoomCharts Drill Down Visuals in one report page!
3. Submit your entry here to be verified.
(If your submission doesn’t match the challenge criteria, you will be notified by email, so make sure you will have time for revision and resubmission if needed. Feel free to resubmit entry as many times as necessary before the deadline)
4. Follow ZoomCharts on LinkedIn (
5. Share a LinkedIn post on your profile that contains @ZoomCharts, @OnyxData, @Bletchley Park AI User Group, @Data Career Jumpstart and the hashtags #dataDNA, #builtwithzoomcharts.

Judging Criteria for Power BI reports:

Business users use reports to make data-driven decisions.
That’s why reports are called effective if they enable users to drill down and filter data quickly and intuitively to find answers to any question they might have and analyse data in all possible directions and dimensions.

We will evaluate:

1) How easy is it to understand the data? (max 10 points)

Is too much text used for explanation?
Are the indicative colors in charts instinctually understandable?
Does it tell a story?

2) How easy-to-use is the report? (max 14 points)

Cross-chart filtering implementation across the report. Can other visuals provide relevant data as the user explores the report?
Response time
Drill Down: multi-layer data exploration. Can the user drill down and gain additional insights within the report?
Use of tutorial overlays and other elements to assist new users. Can a new user start using this report straight away with just the guidance provided within the report itself?

3) How good is the report design and is it suitable for its purpose? (max 10 points)

Visual design: is the overall look consistent, no empty spaces, no overcrowding?
Interface design: are there unnecessary visualisations/buttons/complexity in use?
UX design: is the produced report usable?
Report design: is the main challenge answered?
Technical: are all the fonts used the same, are the sizes readable? You are encouraged to use various techniques at your disposal, such as tooltips, drill-throughs, drill-downs, cross-chart filtering and page navigation features, to enhance your analysis.


Here are some useful links to learn more about ZoomCharts and get inspiration for your report:
1) Use-Case Gallery: Try live demos and download reports made by the ZoomCharts team
2) Video tutorials: Watch engaging video guides on how to set up and use the visuals
3) Documentation: Technical deep-dive about ZoomCharts visuals
4) ZoomCharts Blog: Useful tips&tricks for data visualization and report creation
5) Visuals Gallery: Explore all the possible customization options for Drill Down Visuals.



- Follow Onyx Data on LinkedIn (it’s ok if you already follow Onyx Data)​ - Share a LinkedIn post on your profile with your visualisation image and tag directly using @ mention to @OnyxData @ZoomCharts, , @Bletchley Park AI User Group, @Data Career Jumpstart and the hashtag #dataDNA. - In your post, share an image of your visualisation or dashboard (remember, it must be a single image) - Complete the entry form (

Only one entry is accepted for the challenge, after your first entry is submitted no further entries will be accepted.

The challenge is open to all BI and data visualisation tools.

There is no limit to the BI tools you can use to manipulate and visualise the data.

You can participate in the challenge as either an individual or as a group.

Prizes are distibuted via email to all winners. Please refer to the terms and conditions for further information.

If your entry is after the deadline your entry will not be considered for the competition.

Please use the contact us form for all enquiries.

Yes, we do not own any rights to your entry.

We try our best to ensure all entries are collated as soon as they are submitted but unfortunately we cannot gaurantee your entry will be collated in time for the promotional posts. As long as you follow all entry criteria your entry will be eligible for the competition.