This Microsoft Power BI – UK User Group webinar in association with Onyx Data (
In this session our
host Leon Gordon will be introducing Microsoft MVP – Chris Wagner for another exciting Power BI webinar.

Natural Language Generation in Power BI and Premium Gen 2 Q&A

Wagner will be showing us the different Natural Language Generation (NLG) options available in Power BI, why they should be included within
every report and how to effectively include them within your analytics. Chris has been working on Power BI Premium Gen 2 for the last year and
is finally free from his NDA. He will be answering any questions that you may have on his experience with Power BI Premium Gen 2.


Analytics Architect, Mentor, Leader, and Visionary

Chris has been working in the Data and Analytics space for nearly 20 years. Chris has dedicated his professional career to making data and
information accessible to the masses. A significant component in making data available is continually learning new things and teaching others
from these experiences. To help people keep up with this ever-changing landscape, Chris frequently posts on LinkedIn and to this blog.

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