Many businesses revolve around data. Strategists comb through data to discover customer trends and guide decisions. Data helps business owners make smarter choices, but analysing many data points can get overwhelming. 

Microsoft created Power BI to help visualise raw data. We’ll explore ways you can use this business intelligence tool to gain new insights.

Data Organisation

Power BI takes clusters of data and provides structure. You can connect multiple platforms into a central hub and see how the data connects. Power BI integrates with Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and other resources.

Real-Time Updates to Your Data

Some business owners log into each data analytics account to stay updated on real-time movement. Instead of keeping multiple tabs open and shifting through them, Power BI provides real-time updates for all data.

Real-time updates in a single hub help you identify and solve problems quicker. Taking action on real-time data helps businesses launch new projects sooner. These new projects then provide more data, leading to more data-driven decisions. 

Data Protection

Power BI gives you many data points, but this tool also protects it from hackers. Security features such as row-level security access filters restrict data access. You can limit team members to specific data points to ensure they only see data they’re meant to see.

As cyberattacks become more prevalent, keeping your data safe is vital. Power BI acts as a reliable companion while making your data easier to understand.

Work Smart Instead of Hard

Data helps us work smart instead of only working hard. You can review traffic data to discover how people engage with your content and optimise each customer journey stage. 

Power BI takes the guesswork out of your business. The data will reveal your company’s opportunities for growth.

Save Money

Some businesses use Power BI to gain more insights into ad performance. They can track clickthrough and conversion rates to discover underperforming ads. Distinguishing ad performances helps companies to save money and get more leads.

Power BI lets you track the data across each stage of your business. Instead of only having Google Analytics data, you can simultaneously view Salesforce data. You can review how people convert across your funnel.

Use Power BI to Grow Your Business

Data helps businesses make better decisions that impact revenue. Power BI assembles a company’s data into a central hub and provides visual insights. This resource can grow your business, but having the right team behind you can make all of the difference. 

Our Power BI consultancy can assist with setting up real-time updates and growing your business with this business intelligence tool. We know how to curate your data and provide compelling insights for your business. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.