What are Power BI Goals and why should I use them With Treb Gatte

Join our Microsoft Power BI – UK User Group for our webinar in association with Onyx Data (onyxdata.co.uk). This session we are excited to announce our host Leon Gordon will be introducing Microsoft MVP Treb Gatte.

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Session Abstract

At its core, Power BI Goals are about providing answers, not more reports. Power BI has made it so easy to create reports, we are now drowning in them. Power BI Goals force you to get to the point and show the metrics that matter so that decisions can be made quickly. It also enables you to present those metrics with context. The attached check-ins provide the needed commentary that give context to the results. It’s a powerful combination. In this session, you’ll get an introduction to Power BI Goals, how they can be used for status reporting, and some thoughts on how to approach implementation.

Treb is a business intelligence expert with 24 years of experience. Prior to becoming CEO of Marquee Insights, he worked in leadership positions at Microsoft, Starbucks, Wachovia (now Wells Fargo). He has been recognized as Data Platform MVP from Microsoft. Treb lives in the Seattle area with his wife, children and corgi and holds an MBA from Wake Forest University.

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