Pro Report Design in Power BI

Learn How To Professionally Design Your Reports In Power BI

This instructor led training will enable you to –
  • Create, design and build visually stunning and cohesive reports.
  • Enables on-demand slice-and-dice to answer your ever-changing business questions.
  • Understand how advanced user interaction (UI) and user experience (UX) can be built within Power BI.


Do you often…

Wonder how to create beautiful yet effective charts to persuade and influence your bosses?Struggle to choose the right chart to showcase your very important insights from your data?Fumble to find the right file whenever questions change? One moment its’ countries, suddenly is changes to products.Create many different versions of the same chart at different granularity levels…… only to miss out that one?Spend too much time disseminating the charts that you’ve created via emails, shared folders, presentations, etc…. because you have too many stakeholders who need to see the same charts but with different lenses.

Checked any of the boxes?

This course is for you.


Acquire data visualisation superpowers with Power BI:

  • Understand design principles that go into beautiful and effective data visualisations.
  • Translate business questions into prototype dashboard sketches.
  • Apply design principles when digitally creating data visuals.
  • Slice-and-dice on demand to answer your business questions from multiple angles.
  • Drill down to investigate details layer by layer.
  • Drill through to related reports to understand the story from a different lens.
  • Share your dashboards and reports easily via web and export to Power Point.
While this course will be conducted in Power BI, the design principles and workflow to create impactful data visuals can be applied regardless what visualisation tool you use.
This course focuses on data visualisation.